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Latest News

Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service  

Windows Embedded for Point of Service is specifically developed for Point of Sale. This operating system and application environment delivers the functionality that Platinum Solutions demand for their point of service (POS) systems. This product's design enables Platinum Solutions to remove all unnecessary components from Windows for better performance, faster boot time and less disk usage.

ESA 1/04/2007
Extreme sports angling, the biggest sports angling showroom, in the western cape chose Platinum solutions for all their needs. A 42" LCD monitor with video streaming, Platinum workstations, Scanners, Label printers and our SMS interface for loyalty and specials was installed . They now track over 16000 different line items from purchasing to Point of sale.
Full customer tracking ensures that customers are never forgotten and are always informed of events,s specials and demonstrations.
Henries on main 14/04/2007
Henries on main went all out. 16 speakers, multi zone with independent volume levels all of one amplifier. 2 X Touch screen Hospitality system, Kitchen and bar printing and Platinum's stock system. The bathrooms, kitchen and smoking area was treated with platinum's stainless steel hygiene range.
British American tobacco  
British American Tobacco use 17 of our Micro Burst 3000 dispensers that eliminates smoking odors fast and leaves the areas smelling fresh.
Cubana franchise has employed Platinum for all their hygiene needs. e installed our superior hygiene range throughout



Hot of the press:

Platinum Audio has just completed a 16 speaker Cerwin Vega system for Henries on Main.


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